Thursday, January 12, 2006

untouched by human hands


Hello. This photo has not been altered. My non-tour schedule remains unaltered as well. Does it count that i sat on the side of the bed and played a bitchin' solo version of ME AND MY BERETTA? oh, ok...that's what i thought. It was still fun tho. Whilst(I heard someone say that today, instead of "while") playing, recalled playing a bitchin' live version on the BBC in Manchester. Fun. Also recalled that once, whilst being interviewed on the radio by i think the Dutch or the Germans, they accidentally called it ME AND MY UMBRELLA and felt bad for making a live, on-air mistake, but we thought it was funny and maybe performed it that way for them. Either we did or i just remember that we did. Either way...have a nice day. And have a nice tour if you r touring. Posted by Picasa

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Mr.Mr. said...

eye-watering beauty. so serene, so pure