Saturday, January 21, 2006

do these hats make me look fat?


My hat it has 3 corners
3 corners has my hat
and had it not 3 corners
it would not be my (non-low fat) hat
These r super-deeeelish pasta hats, filled with ricotta cheese. The next step is, cover them with tomato sauce and bake. Speaking of baking, guess who does not wake and bake anymore? Or bake period. That's right, ACC. As Genevieve Waite said, "I got to pu-pu-put it down." No more safety meetings 4 me! No more 4/20 24/7. The good news is, i dont jonesin'! And speaking of safety meetings, here is a cute/funny tour story: In amsterdam, at a "coffee" bar, i axed did they have any humboldt, which was kind of a stupid question, since the menu listed dozens of exotic choices...i could have picked one of them. But no, i wanted me humboldt. So when i axed the guy behind the counter, he got all excited and said "no, do you?!" So that's your tour story for the day. Maybe that's what i'll do from now on...instead of saying "no shows/tour again2day", i can tell u a funny tour story.
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trailergurl said...

humboldt tennessee?

Rich said...

no, cali. (northern cali, natch)

waltergonzo29256492 said...
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Mr.Mr. said...

No more 4/20 24/7. The good news is, i dont jonesin'

no tourin, no tokin? no jokin?

sasha said...

W.T.F.??? have you lost your mand?