Tuesday, January 31, 2006

debbl with a blue dress, blue dress, blue dress


When A&R first moved to SF, they stayed in a funky motel at the beach, at the end of the streetcar line. What they didnt know was, prostitutes used the motel as their "office". So all night long, the sound of the ladies' high-heels click clicked up and down the metal stairs, right outside A&R's window. One night, A&R heard a client say to one of them, "you go up first so i can look up your dress." You know how sometimes you over-hear something and you never4get it? This is one of those things.

The motel is still there, and even tho A&R arent touring, maybe somebody in the motel is going "around the world". heh heh. Posted by Picasa


mariposa said...

o! Ange! you're the fwunniest.
Crack me up, babe.
Wuz you on the train to loveland last night?

Rich said...

it's filled with women and men who kiss and run...kiss and run.