Tuesday, January 31, 2006

i hate 2 see that evening sun go down


...but at least it is lighter later these days. with unbelievable sunsets, and sunrises. at this time of year, both are so colorful and glorious.

had a dream about hanging out with francis coppola and his daughter, sophia. she made us a fancy but austere soup and served teeny tiny portions in teeny tiny cups, like espresso cups. francis showed some of his movies, or actually, just PARTS of the movies. he would screen just a few minutes, then say THIS IS SUCH SHIT! and take it off, and put another one up,and then say the same thing. the weird thing is, the next morning, at yoga class, the teacher said "today at class, wouldnt it be perfect to play the music that appears at the end of godfather 3?"

i want cake from kriksa RIGHT NOW! what brought THAT on? oh, i see, my phone book is open in the "K" section. mmmm...want cake....feelin' like eric cartman! Posted by Picasa

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Rosa said...

Gorgeous sunset. Funny dream.