Saturday, March 15, 2008

& all u jimjims in this town & everybody puttin' everybody else down

Hello again. CAKE radio just sent this to me, commenting "eesh". Uh oh CAKE, i liked it. Even worse, i tend to agree with all of the posted pro comments!

And ya gotta love how happy Lou looks while he watches his co-singer, dont ya? Maybe not.
So anyway, no tour or shows or anything...2busy accepting anti-comments from various correspondents. That's ok, i can take it! (Cuzz Lou Reed is and always was, bigger than King Kong.)
And how YOU doin'? Havin' a perfect day i hope! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA


mxrich said...

it's cute, but ultimately disturbing -- somehwere in between fusion and confusion (as my man Richard Price might say) .... and wassup with Lou's geetar? It's like sans serif on top.

Rich said...

ok, helvetica-breath. :-)

Anonymous said...

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