Wednesday, March 05, 2008

i love my uncle lyle

Hello everybody. Here's my Uncle Lyle. Readers of this blog already know that he is hugely responsible for who i am 2day, so if u got any complaints, he's the one to see. Except he might open up a can on you. (Or maybe a snowball.) Yup, he's the one who turned me on to 45s, and all the newest dances, and just showed me how to be cool in general. He also babysat me when i was just a wee child. He was a teenager then, and would use these times for make-out sessions with his various beautiful girlfriends. The girls were all sharp dressers too, like he was/is. He wasnt supposed to have any girls at the house while my parents were gone, so his work-around was to host the girls in his car, parked in our front yard. The car was amazing, a 2-tone salmon and white Crown Victoria. Hey ladies!
Back then I would watch him as he combed his hair in the bathroom mirror. He had a bitchin' pompadour, and long sideburns. A real stylin' dude if u catch my drift!
And i must admit, a few summers ago when i visited him back on the lake in Michigan, i sneaked a peek at him combing his hair, which u can see, is still so cool. He took a bit of time on his hairdo, and got it just right. What can i say? It was a real moment 4 me 4 sure. I felt so lucky to be seeing that sight again.
Anyway, no tour or shows or anything...2busy walking down memory lane.
And how YOU doin'?

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Unknown said...

this is soooo moving - sweet. photo super too. thanks, dryo