Sunday, March 16, 2008

kim lunch

kim lunch

Hi. Met Kim T for lunch. That's not Kim tho. I looked for online pix of her but couldnt find any so i typed in "angel and kim" and found this. Is one side of this girl's butt named "angel" and the other side "kim"? When i first saw the pic i thought it was Eddie Murphy in one of his funny suits. So anyway, first stop was Green's to buy lunch, not "grab" lunch. God i hate that. Grab a coffee. Grab a shower. Grab a phone call. Anyway again, bought lunch at Green's and walked to Kim's office. It's a great walk. Click the pic and check it out.
No tour or shows or anything, 2busy trying not 2 burn dinner: grilled portobello and cheddar cheese sandwiches on Grace Bakery potato-rosemary bread.And how YOU doin'?


le monde moderne said...

how am I doin'? ya really wanna know? well... I guess I'm doin' fine.

pinky said...

nice buns