Friday, June 06, 2008

i can see clearly now

Hello. Today i kept mis-reading things. I thought a sign for Uniworld Travel Agency said Unworld Travel Agency. I dont know what kind of travel that would be eggsackly, but it sounded kinda scarey and post-apocalyptic. Right after that, i could've sworn the sign in the window of an optometrist's office was advertising Oliver Sachs eyewear, but it was actually for Versace.

And speaking of Dr.Sachs, have u red his book Musicophilia? Wow is it fascinating. It's not one of those books where u think u have all the afflictions tho. And that's a GOOD thing, although i guess i wouldnt mind having the type of synesthesia that links music and colors.

The closest i've been to experiencing what that might be like was at a Sonny Rollins concert. When he played a certain saxophone i saw waves of beautiful blue-ish purple colors coming out of the bell of his horn. After the show i was talking to him and told him what i had seen, and he gave me a huge compliment about how i heard music, saying that i listened in "a special way" and that he was happy i had told him about the colors because he had experienced the same thing on occasion while playing that particular sax. Holla Sonny i still love u. Here's one of my favorite records of his, mostly for the song You Dont Know What Love Is.

No tour or shows or anything...2busy relaxing after attending a wedding at City Hall in Sam Fram.

And how YOU doin'?

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