Wednesday, June 04, 2008

i red the news 2day oh boy

Hello and i promise never 2quote the Beatles again. But doesnt it get u, how all news items these days seem 2 have equal importance? It's all very William Burroughs/Brion Gysin. Yesterday's headlines: Barack-O securing the nomination, and Johhny Rotten getting his teeth fixed. Har! I'm waiting for news mash-ups.
BFF Rich sold his Whisper Room 2day thru Craigslist, and wouldnt u know it, the buyer was a big mx-80 fan. Can u buhleeve that shit? The guy noticed some mx photos on the wall and said "wow u have good taste. I LOVE mx-80. I grew up listening to them." When R said "that's my band", the guy got all excited and yelled "are you SERIOUS?!" He'd even had the BBQ vinyl when it was first released in the fanzine. (Hello u-know-who). :-)
No tour or shows or anything...2bu$y tallyho-ing.
And how YOU doin'?


mxrich said...

did you see in the Cher video where her eyes go all raccoon-like? Wow, they sure don't make videos like that, anymore.

Rich said...

i got the idea to use that video from a sasha frere jones article in the current new yorker about a piece of gear called the AUTO TUNER;(more on that in a later blog)that's what makes cher's voice do that thing on BELIEVE.