Friday, June 27, 2008

u dont need a weatherman2know which way the wind blows

Hello. Just took a walk 2 the mailbox thru fog and smoke. The wind keeps changing direction and is blowing smoke into our area from the fires in Lake County in the north and the Big Sur fires in Monterey.

I'm so relieved to know this guy and his place r ok(4the moment). We watched a docu about him the other night, it was great to see Big Sur back in the day. It's also good to know that Henry Miller's place is still ok for now.

Went to a nice bd party in a beautiful Victorian in the Haight yesterday. Their redwood tree is so tall now. It made me kind of sad. Know what i mean? Because so much time has passed in the blink of an eye.

No tour or shows or anything...2busy crocheting a hat.

And how YOU doin'?

4 comments: said...

oh my goodness, your hat puts my scarf to shame! you are not remedial. x

pinky said...

i watched that docu too.
such a great guy.

sasha said...

is that your eye? you look different. i love popcorn on hats! i also love that henry miller house. i'm sorry you're inhaling unwanted smoke. i guess that makes two of us!

Rich said...

i have a confession2make: that is not me, that is not my hat and that is not my eye.
but, i HAVE made hats like that. popcorn hats. mmmm, popcorn good.