Sunday, June 29, 2008

sock it 2 me

Hello. Did u ever think u would hear Lou Reed say "sock it to me"? Well i didnt either. Until 2day. I've heard him say "sock it to me" at least 50 times 2day because i'm listening(and listening) to a fantastic bootleg version of SISTER RAY recorded in April 1967, and he keeps saying it. "I'm searchin' for my mainline i said i couldnt hit it sideways", then "sock it to me!"

Thanks to the person who sent me such a great prezzie! According to the liner notes, this is the first known live version of Sister Ray. (I know u all have probably already seen this but i couldnt more time!) WHAT?!! Did somebody say ENCORE?

No tour or shows or anything...2busy running the air purifier. :-( (Sorry 4u too, Sunshine and Jessie).

And how YOU doin'?


sasha said...

thanks for protecting yourself. we got a great window fan that sucks the air from the inside and pushes it out. just watching bram stoker's and thinking of u.

sasha said...
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