Thursday, June 26, 2008

a rock and roll romance...


Hello. Went to a book-signing party last night promoting the publication of Dean Wareham's memoir A ROCK AND ROLL ROMANCE. And it was all very nice...yes it was.
Click on the pic then click slideshow 4 large 4mat.
After Dean's reading of excerpts from the book, Britta joined him onstage and they played a few songs. A and R really enjoyed this version of D&B. It was slinky and personal and quiet and very attractive. Dean played acoustic guitar on all songs, and kazoo on one song. I vote for this set-up to tour.
When they were finished with the musical portion of the program, Dean sat in a throne-like chair that was upholstered in black and white cowhide, and signed copies of the book, which were given away free. And speaking of things given away for free, there was an open bar all night (the event was sponsored by Hennessy and Mens' Vogue).
And speaking of touring, no tours for me...2busy monitoring the wildfires in cali, which now number over 1,000. Yikes. (Here's R's live report from Berkeley.)
And how YOU brewin'?


test said...

Thanks ACC! I appreciate you using blog/photo space on me.

sasha said...

thanks for the coverage of book event/weather. you know we actually went to How YOU Brewin' to use the internet at the beach. thought of mine truly!

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