Thursday, June 19, 2008

peas-mo beach

Or, I should say Peas-BO Beach. Yup, that's me, standing up with my bike, eating fresh peas at Wharf Road Beach in Bolinas. That's right, back in Bolinas, and what a treat it was. Unfortunately i was there w/o my BFF Rich, so that part wasnt so nice, but i am helluv looking4ward 2 going back2bo with him in a few weeks. Holla Rich!
The first picture here is of the dirt in Bolinas, which is a beautiful brown color, so sometimes, in certain light, the air right above the ground is glowing golden. Most of the roads r unpaved, there can be alot of dust blowing around.
That's the moon rising over Bolinas this past Wednesday evening. I coulda cried with both my eyes.
I was hanging around Brighton Beach and i saw a surfer riding a wave while twirling around like a whirling dervish on his board. His board wasnt spinning, HE was spinning. Like a TOP. Yeeeeeeeeeeeee-ha!
No tour or shows or anything..2busy looking at houses in bolinas on craigslist.
And how YOU doin?

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