Wednesday, July 02, 2008

cliff hanger

Hello. The air quality here in Sam Fram improved 2day so i took a walk along the beach past the Cliff House.
(Thanx 4 link, Kimba!)
And speaking of Kimba, on my walk back 2 Fort Mason after meeting Kimba 4 lunch today, i passed a dog owner who was having difficulty getting his(offleash)dog, Mack, to come to him. They were quite a ways away from one another. So i lured Mack to his owner with a pizza i had just bought at Greens for BFF Rich's dinner 2nite. At Rich's office in Berkeley, employees r allowed 2 bring their dogs 2 work.
The Basin Complex fire in Big Sur is still burning. The fire is over 1 week old, and firefighters today called it a "raging animal." It is expected to be contained near the end of July. Contained doesnt mean extinguished, it only means the fire is no longer spreading.
No tour or shows or anything...2busy turning on the oven.
And how YOU doin'?


sasha said...

i can relate to that fire. i, too, have been called a raging animal. how can they not put out a fire? it's so strange. i'm glad you got out and breathed the air. is that foto Mack?

sasha said...

i'm into the sock theme

steve o said...

i love you andrea