Friday, July 18, 2008

mimsy farmers

san rafael farmers' mkt

Hello. Went to the farmers' market at the Civic Center in San Rafael. Click on the pic then click slideshow 4 pix in large 4mat.
Woodja getta look at these blueberries? I love u CCOF.
While at the market i told BFF Rich, "please dont ever ask me to move away from Northern Cali." And BFF Rich said 2 me, "I wont, if u promise never 2 ask me 2 move 2 Long Island."
We had the best time sitting on the ground in the sun while we shared a fresh organic Mexican brunch from Donna's Tamales. The to-go tapioca we had later at home was so good i (almost) wanted 2 poke my eye out with my spoon. It was vegan, made with organic coconut milk, and i added blueberries, blackberries and rasperries on top. Aye carumba!
We bought two kinds of Barlovento chocolate bars, my favorite one has sea salt sprinkles. HELLo. And of course, pizza and bread from Panorama. Click that little horizontal arrow at the bottom of their page to see all their different offerings go by.
Well, no tour or shows or anything...2busy learning the Wedding March on my accordion.
And how YOU doin'?


sasha said...

that long island picture is PERF! why would rich even say that?

le monde moderne said...

me? I'm rediscovering what a great song "Down in the Valley" is and how good it would sound with accordian :-)

aren't you loving those blueberries?