Saturday, July 05, 2008

u my dog

Hello. This is my favorite dog in yesterday's Sausalito 4th of july parade. I decided not 2 use any of the other pix i took...2many white ppl in goofy outfits and wigs. BFF Rich captured cool stuff on his FLIP tho. Maybe he'll send me a clip of the(white)couple who looked like they had just stepped out of a Max Ernst painting(tried 2 link 2 the perfect Ernst pic, but NO! "forbidden". BFF Rich just told me u r more likely to run into that sitch when trying 2 link 2 fine art pix.) Then there was the very tall(white)guy on roller skates carrying his big(white)cockatiel, looking like he just stepped out of maybe a Kenny Scharf painting? Maybe a cross between Dali and Scharf?

Mmmmmm, look at this picture i just came across while looking at Kenny's work. I think the idea of eating donuts is always better than actually eating the donuts. I remember the first time i ate a Krispy Kreme with BFF Rich in Reno, i wasnt even half-way thru it and i wanted more. I think it was a crack-donut.
No tour or shows or anything...2busy listening to the refrigerator.
And how YOU dopin'? Oops! Funny typo. Well, ok, then, how YOU dopin'?


sasha said...

thanks. i'd rather look at dogs than ppl any day. except you ppl.

Lindsay Hutton said...

A wee bag of them crack-donuts for me please...