Saturday, July 12, 2008

more songs about (buildings and) food

Hello. Whew. After eating an entire pizza, AND a side dish of yellow beets, steamed beet-tops, and toast with goat cheese on top, AND an incredbile slice of raspberry nectarine galette at Pizette 211, I could barely ride my bike back 2 ye olde blogging station.
And speaking of food, last night i dreamed i was in a restaurant whose menu featured items that were named after mx-80 songs, and mx-80 music was being played.
And speaking of music, this is my new favorite myspace band. I like them because they're fruity (nae offense lads) and the drums and percussion are really good, kind of like the drums in Polaris. Remember them? They were an instrumental-only band, and opened some shows for Spiritualized(more than)a few years ago. I used 2 like 2 take ppl who didnt know about Spiritualized to their shows. I remember taking Mike Wyren to one, and maybe it was the incessant strobe or relentless light show, but after a coupla songs he says 2 me "I dont have 2 take this shit" and walked out. Sorry, mate!
And speaking of crazy events, tonite there is a womens' roller derby at Fort Mason in the Herbst Pavillion, which is an an odd place to have it(roller derby is kinda low-brow for Fort Mason).
No tour or shows or anything...2busy growing my hair long.
And how YOU doin'?

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