Thursday, July 10, 2008

i've shot at clouds from both sides now

Hello. Here's what's disturbing me currently. I dont even know what 2 say about this, so let's just move on with our lives.

Talked to Bruce Anderson this afternoon. He told me that the house next door 2 his mother's house in Indiana has recently been determined 2b haunted and that tech crews with all kinds of ghost-detecting equipment were coming and going at the house.
I asked Bruce what his mother thought about the whole thing and apparently she said something like "i aint afraid of no ghost."

2day is the first day in about 3 weeks that the sky is not glowing orange-ish, due 2 all the wildfires in northern cali. Because the winds have picked up, the air quality in our immediate area is improving, which is good for us but not good for the firefighters. I red 2day that they've gone from working 24 hour shifts to 48 and even 72 hour shifts.

No tour or shows or anything...2busy being serious.

And how YOU doin'?

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sasha said...

that dog pic reminds me of the time me and grandpa dressed up like ghosts for halloween. we put sheets over our heads and rubber bands around our necks! very j. stim!!