Monday, November 30, 2009

what the????

When i left the boat this morning to do my a.m. give-away (little white flocked collapsible/folding chrishmish tree, about 2 feet tall)the molly kravitz doll was on the sofa, as u saw yesterday. BUT, when i returned, it was seated at the dining table. I knew i shoulda thrown that thing out. As George Earth would say "I'm scared."
Here's another scarey thing: Walking by the projects in Marin City, i looked down, and lying on the sidewalk was a pair of enormous fake eyelashes. THEY WERE HUGE. I thought 2 myself "Sha-zamm! That is one big sistah who lost THESE lashes." A few steps later i saw that someone had tossed a gigantic hot-pink stuffed animal into the bushes, and it was missing its eyelashes. Oh.
And here's ANOTHER(and final)scarey thing: When i was googling "big fake eyelashes", as soon as i typed "big", the first choice that came up was "big boobs".
And u dont believe we're on the eve?

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pinky said...

no more xmuss?
no more words.
no more platform shoes.


angel corpus christi said...

om shanti, even.