Friday, March 10, 2006

dbl rainbow


Not visible in this picture is another rainbow, to the right of the one u see. It was more pale than the first one...maybe that's why the camera couldnt catch it, but i hope u believe me, there WAS a 2nd one. It was very red at the point where it touched the ground at Twin Peaks, and looked like a small fire, because it appeared hazy there, like smoke. Very exciting.

No tour or shows or anything...2 exhausted after astanga yoga class ..the instructor was like a drill sargeant. An israeli drill sargeant. A 100 pound israeli drill sargeant.

In sam framcisco right now, this very minute/second, it is fiercely thundering and lightening. Hang on, all u pets, especially dogs. (Do cats react2thunder?)
The way u love me is frightening. Think i better knock knock knock knock knock on wood. bye yall. Posted by Picasa

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