Thursday, March 02, 2006

this is absurd...uh, how's your bird?


Hello all u bird trainers. Here r some talking bird stories:
My friend george had a girlfriend named tommy. And tommy had a huge parrot, named tuesday, who loved pizza. Whenever the pizza-delivery guy would come up the stairs to george's apartment, tuesday would smell the pizza and would get all excited. But instead of saying "i want pizza" or something like that, tuesday would make flirty eyes with tommy and say " tommy,i love you", and bat his eyelashes and act coy. Also, whenever anyone reached for the bong, tuesday would make the gurgling water sound.

Another person, who is not very nice, taught her little birds to say "i'm a bird-brain." Isnt that mean?

And when this blogger worked at tower records in san francisco, there were vinyl records for sale that u could use 2train your bird 2 talk. They had beautiful colorful covers. One of the employees' mother used 2raise birds, and she used these records, and the interesting thing is, her birds would learn and repeat the vinyl sounds along with the words. So they would say "hello baby, want a kiss?" with the pops and hiss. Funny, huh?

Have u seen the movie Birdy with matthew modine and nic cage? A must-see. ok people, later! Posted by Picasa


mariposa said...

oh my! is that a juvenile cherry head conure?
how precious.

Rich said...

why yes, as a matter of fact, it is! how observant u r, mari p.