Tuesday, March 14, 2006

get me my green pants


BFF Rich made a lunchtime presentation at Stacey's bookstore 2day...he was brilliant (of course). And these r the pants he wore. BFF Rich was promoting his new book WHOOPS I'M IN BUSINESS, published by nolo. Took BFF Rich out for a celebratory lunch at Boulange de Cole in Cole Valley, after being thwarted at Limon on Valenica Street.

P.S. to HUMAN4: our lunch at Limon is hereby cancelled due to the owner being a total loser.

P.S. to BFF Rich: they called u greenie they called u green. i love u BFF. Posted by Picasa

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mxrich said...

get me my green pants!
(yeah, that trout salad was damn good).