Thursday, March 02, 2006

rest area


Here is the spot where i let out my inner couch potato. Features mags, phone, internet, books, and snax... salted peanuts, tofu cuties, maybe some peanut butter crackers. Not pictured is previously-mentioned biggass tv. 2nite's movie: Blow Up, or is it one word, Blowup. No, that doesnt look right. Anyway, we r loving watching movies on the big flat screen. Having no cable rules, people! Go2your window, go 2 your window now, and shout that u r not gonna take it any more. Isnt your cable bill creeping up? And Tivo becomes 2much2manage...tedious.

I think tv is mostly for sports fans. The only thing we know about sports is, there are fewer people out when a big game is on, so that's a good time2take your bike ride, without some butt-hole yelling "hey! can i smell your seat?" which actually happened 2 a gal we know as she was bike-riding. Uh oh, gotta dash all of a sudden...going to Pizette! yay! If u live around the outer richmond district in sam framcisco, and u like pizza dont4get2check itout. california street/23rd avenue.
No, no tour or show or anything2nite. Sorry(not really). :-) Ok, bye, love from pizza-breath corpus christi. Posted by Picasa

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