Friday, March 24, 2006

i LOVE that


Hello, it's me, i've thought about u4 a long long while..

I LOVE when surfers put the "W" in front of the AVE on the street signs around here. Isnt it darling? Big bleach-blondie where the annual surfers' convention meets he was hangin'5 and walkin' the nose and when the meet was over, he got a new surfboard and a woody2match and when he's ridin' the freeway, look at him go.

Did u ever do that cut-up/Burroughs thing? it's really fun, and can also be spooky sometimes. What about putting a piece of blank, white paper on top of a crinkled-up piece of aluminum foil, then rub your pencil(oooh) on the paper and see what happens. SCAREY! Try it you'll like it.

No tour or shows or anything. 2busy in the weighting room. Posted by Picasa


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