Monday, March 20, 2006

greengreen it's green they say, on the farside of the hill


Green green im going away 2where the grass is greener still. Hey where was the PMRC when u NEEDED them?! Where was Tipper THEN? Maybe behind THE GREEN DOOR if u catch my drift. Hell,im not making any sense. u got a probbem with that? It's just non-sequiturd after non-sequiturd. And speaking of turds, BFF Rich thought up a new product: Hello Kittylitter. Hee hee all u cat people. (Did u see that movie with nasty kinski?) And speaking of nasty, why isnt the peter berliner film available at netflix? Wait, is it berlin or berliner? well u know i mean...the guy with the beega pkg. THAT peter berlin/er. Yeah, NOW yer with me, right? Am i right or am i right? When yer right yer right, am i right? Jeez, i better hang up. bye. Posted by Picasa

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