Tuesday, May 27, 2008

happi anni

Hi Rich! Remember the GOOD times! And some other good times. And then some other good times. ((Remember when u joined my one-woman band because u were kinda jealous that i wanted to ask Neo to b the gtr player?)
And speaking of all these good times, remember when a fan asked u 4 an autograph after a show we did(where the hell was that anyway? France? Sam Fram? Hello Cleveland!)and u signed..."remember the good times". And i thought that was so funny, because how can u remember the good times with someone u dont know? And speaking of how funny u r, remember another time when a fan asked u 2 sign a 45, and u asked him what he wanted u 2 write, and he said "could u sign it 'thanks for the inspiration'." Yeah, there's all kinds of good times...:-)
And i'll always remember, in bloomington, how cool u were, even tho i didnt know u. Then when i got 2 know u, whew! that's when the REAL fun began. Then u joined MX, and wow,as Sunshine would say, how much did i love seeing u onstage at the Monroe County Library?? ALOT!, THAT'S how much. And the fun just keeps on happening. Thanks 4 everything Rich!
No tour or shows or anything...2busy looking for....
And how YOU doin'?


pinky said...

sweet memories. love & kisses.

wow, you've outdone yourself on the links!

sasha said...

how much fun was clicking on all the links? ALOT i luff you and i hug you