Saturday, May 17, 2008

park slope rules!


Hello everybody. Hope u enjoy these pix of Brooklyn and NYC. Click on the pic then click slideshow 4 large 4mat.
This lantern was hanging in a japanese restaurant that played Lou Reed and James Brown songs. We were highly amused.
One of our very favorite things to do each day was walk down the street to Cafe Regular for morning coffee. OMG this place rocks!!! Read this if u want2know more about the place.
We did a lotta lotta hills!
My favorite restaurant was 'Snice. I tried to convince the owner to open a San Francisco 'Snice which really WOULD be 'snice! Very 'snice! It's vegetarian, and vegan, but not weird like some veg places, like the Cafe Gratitude chain. It's just really great food minus the meat, which, as u know is murder.
Squeamish readers, dont read this next sentence: While eating lunch at 'Snice, I watched an overweight lady in a bright red tight t-shirt eat 2 chocolate cookies, which she followed up with boogers. Not burgers, BOOGERS. She sat there writing in her journal, picking her nose and eating it. Good thing she was sitting behind BFF Rich;I'm not sure he could've handled it! But i like to spy. I'm like Dean Wareham that way, I see EVERYTHING. Better be careful what u r doing if I'm around! Ha ha!
So, no tour or shows or anything...2busy being happy for a certain someone who graduated NYU, found a new apartment, and adopted a cat, all within 2 days. Holla!
And how YOU doin'?

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