Sunday, May 25, 2008

people's republic of bolinas, part two

bolinass continued

Hello blog-heads. If you're ready for more on Bolinas,click on the pic then click slideshow 4 large4mat. If u arent quite up 4 more Bolinas pix and reportage, go here instead;click on MUTO. Warning: u might get lost for days and days. Thanks2Sunshine for this incredible linky-dink.

No tour or shows or anything...2busy laughing and coughing. I still have a cold and every time R makes me laugh, i cough. And speaking of coughing, i remember the good old days in Bloomington where u could buy codeine cough syrup over-the-counter. Yeah booey, no questions asked. Bottoms up! Well, except 4 this one time, when i went in to get mines and the pharmacist said "for here or to go?" and i thought, hmmmm, maybe i better go 2 another store the next time.
And how YOU doin'?


Homeboy said...

what for dummies is rich reading? :) yes, i'm very, very curious !

mxrich said...

wow ... that's kind of embarrasing. I wish I could say it was "Martin Buber for Dummies" but it was actually "Quickbooks 2008for Dummies" and the weird thing was that it didn't really help.

Homeboy said...

annoying paparazzi...

that was my next question, are 'books for dummies' any good? apparently not.