Saturday, May 31, 2008

stick 'em up punks, it's the fun-lovin' criminals

Hello. By now maybe you've heard
of the 2robbers wearing thongs as masks. Ha! (As our Russian electrician Joe Kaplan would say, "Who's the genius?").
And speaking of men wearing underwear on their heads, once while on tour in Edinburgh, we found ourselves in a huge somewhat unruly crowd, and i saw a drunk kilt-wearing Scotsman walking down the street with blue and white mens' briefs on HIS head. Our host(holla!)explained to us that after a soccer match, lots of Scots walk around the streets like that. It was truly an un4gettable image. Oh, and the guy was blowing a big horn, like a shofar kind-of-thing.
And speaking of un4gettable images, yesterday i got a sneak-preview of a soon-2-b-launched blog, and i saw a picture of ***** ********* wearing big furry monster feet and holding a colorful umbrella. When i came across the picture, i was drinking coffee and i did that Danny Thomas spit-take thing . What a mess but it was worth it.
No tour or shows or anything..2busy getting a shiatsu massage.
And how YOU doin'?


Lindsay Hutton said...

I think that was a Rugby match but this could be a common event. Even if no sporting fixture was involved.

Rich said...

ha! as andrew dice clay would say, 'ya wearin' panties?'

pinky said...

2 busy watchin spit jokes video