Thursday, May 22, 2008

people's republic of bolinas, part one

people's republic of bolinas, part one

Hello everybody! After returning to Cali from Brooklyn, A&R went to Bolinas for a few days where we were internet-free. Click on the pic then click slideshow for large4mat, and maybe you'll see why I always feel so good there.

Since getting back yesterday from BoBo(that's what the locals call it)I've had a new cd on constant replay: Clandestino by Manu Chao. It's the first cd to get me off my Dorothy Ashby cd, Afro Harping, which has been on constant replay since 2 weeks b4Christmas. Seriously. Cuzz that's how i roll. When i get a new cd that i like, i listen to it over and over for, well, quite awhile. I learned about the Manu Chao cd from my newest MySpace friend, Carlos Tropicana, who is really cracking me up. So funny! Here is his blog. So anyway, get the Manu Chao cd, and i'll bet u wont b able 2stop listening to Bongo Bong either (it doesnt hurt that the lyrics r dirty heh heh. or at least i THINK they r). OOPS! i just googled the lyrics...i thought he was saying "hit me when i come", but it's actually "HEAR me when i come". and i thought "banging on my boogie" meant, well, u know, but i guess he's referring to his actual bongo drum. ha ha. Love them mis-heard lyrics. But anyway, every song is great, like each song is a hit single.
No tour or shows or anything...2busy wondering if Carlos Tropicana makes beautiful custom glass sinks.
And how YOU doin'?


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Hey, you guys are livin' the life!

carlos tropicana said...

carlos quit the glass sink biz to turn screws. was amused to read this!