Tuesday, February 28, 2006

knock knock knockin on heaven's door


I see that smoking is not allowed in heaven anymore. That's good. It would be sad 2see a bunch of cigarette butts all over the place.

Remember that Psychedelic Furs song...i never knew exactly what ol' Richard was saying..."and heaven, is a hole in the heart"...was that it? They were a great band. I think i saw them once, maybe at the Greek Theater in Berkeley? or was that the Cure? It's all a bit hazy fantazey.

And speaking of great songs, if i knew how2send an mp3, i would send I AINT MISSING YOU to my lostie...I aint missing u, since u've been gone...away...i aint missing u at all...

So, no tour/shows or anything, but ACC's web presence is not bad, not bad at all!
And speaking of web presence, we saw a cool short-short web movie, KETCHUP HANDJOB. Dont u love all these cool free little movies that r available now?

And speaking of cool short web movies, BFFRich has made an outstanding movie, MY COMMUTE. Honestly, it is just fantastic. So arty and cool. That's BFFRich, alright! He's ALWAYS been arty and cool! HI RICH!!!!!! Bye, yall. Posted by Picasa


Mr.Mr. said...

i can't stop watching the Google video "Beautiful Thing"
I think am in love with George.
Check it out peeps.

Rich said...

50,000 bay area girls cant b wrong! haha. more george lyrics:

im alone in hollywood, and it's all good, tho i'd rather be in space.

a great great song. will send u a george cd with BEAUTIFUL THING and SPACE, and MOUTH (hot hot hot).