Tuesday, April 04, 2006

come along if u care come along if u dare

U r taking a rainy-day trip to Half Moon Baked, er, i mean Half Moon BAY. Sweet. In the first 3 pix, u r heading south. If u went past Half Moon Baked, u would come to Santa Cruz. Yeah. In the other 3 pix, u r driving north, back to Sam Framcisco. Riding the Pacific Coast Highway(PCH) is a real gas.

And speaking of gas, i didnt know until 2day about the New York 9/11 Truth Movement. Wow. Check it out in NY Magazine March 27 issue.

And speaking of issues, Gimme an issue I'll give u a tissue. You know who said that, right? :-) The one, the only, mister lou reed.

And speaking of lou reed, i had a dream once that he was helping me pick out some persian carpets, and needless2say, u know, i was having a hard time concentrating on the rugs. Kept having inappropriate thoughts about the rugs. U know, like, "gee, i sure would like2b face-down on this rug, and..." Well, u get the idea. Uh oh, spouse-over-shoulder, gotta go. Posted by Picasa