Saturday, April 22, 2006

i always feel like...somebody watchin' me


And speaking of 80's hit singles, White Courtesy Phone was recorded at the Plant in Sausalito, which was owned by the author of the above-referenced Rockwell song. So there's your tour story for today. Oh,i guess that's not a tour story. HELLO CLEVELAND!!

In a surprising development, BFFRich has assumed the identity and voice of a gopher. A talking gopher. A talking gopher who can read. Stay tuned.

Do u know about We need more hours in the day, dont we? All these places like milkfat/youtube/google movies...and the one that alters previews of movies...they all take time. And time is DEFINITELY not on our side.

And speaking of time, it's time4me2go. bye. 1love. Posted by Picasa

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