Tuesday, April 11, 2006

ratgirl in the house

Well, ALMOST in the house...see u 2omorow, your ratness!

No tour or shows or anything...2 busy translating cockney. Here's one that has stumped all the cockney mavens: rhubarb and custard, as in "your rhubarb and custard verses".

Still still raining in 'frisco...and it feels like raindrops so many raindrops yeah it feels like raindrops, falling from my eye eyes, falling from my eyes.

Willa Cather rocks. Bye yall. Posted by Picasa


mxrich said...

i don't think "rhubarb and custard" is slang. I think it's a British cartoon show from the 70s.

Mr.Mr. said...

those were the 2 talking magpies, right?

Mr.Mr. said...

p.s. Ratty you are looking swell.