Saturday, April 08, 2006


Nobody ever called pablo picasso an asshole. Maybe because he never used picasa? or because he didnt cut his ear off? Who knows. But back to me...i LOVE picasa(and picasso). All i did after taking this photo and importing it, was hit one button, my favorite button actually, "highlight". Doesnt it look like the daffys have been superimposed? Nope... just super.

So since i dont have my own news, hows about i keep u up on dean wareham's news? A documentary of Luna's last tour is being premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival later in April. Exciting! Sure hope the bits with me were cut out! 4real! I dont mind being the oldest one in the joint, but jeez i dont need it documented4chrissakes. Well, maybe they used the blur button on me face. haha.

p.s. i am :-( about gene pitney. Posted by Picasa

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