Wednesday, April 19, 2006

what is it?


Animal, vegetable or mineral? It's a pine cone...with something else, like bark or a leaf or something, stuck to it. Pretty exciting, huh?

New taste sensation... lemon-infused olive oil. omg u havent lived until. And where was that lovely little item being served? Where else...Pizzette on california/23rd avenue in sf. Had a lovely little lunch there with our friend jenny. She is visiting from NY. Gave her a lovely little see-thru sleeveless chiffon top to wear on fire island this summer.

No tour or shows or anything...2busy eating pizza with asparagus and ricotta cheese and toasted pine nuts. 2 busy taking pix for the blog. 2busy walking on the beach in the sun. 2 busy looking out the window at the gently-waving palm tree. I'm a very busy man. x0x0 Posted by Picasa


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Rich said...

u r DOES look like an armadillo! in mexico, i bought my first husband a magazine rack made from an armadillo. i would never do that now. that was then.