Monday, April 03, 2006

kiss disguise


Hi yall. Have u hugged your youtube 2day? (look at Kahaki the next time u go there.)

Nontour diary has been spending WAY2much time at youtube, watching black folk in alabama look for leprechauns, oops is that how u spell it? And of course, the previously-mentioned KETCHUP HANDJOB.

And did u ever ever think we'd be watching vintage SUICIDE(the band) performances on our laptops?? I mean REALLY. And speaking of back in the day, Yours Truly saw them open for the Cars in LA. Yours Truly was riding around in the limo with them, and Alan said something really funny like, "if i see one more attractive blond person..." .

The other day i mentioned2u that i could never keep up with my drinking the Cars/Suicide show, i drank champagne and brandy backstage, then later in the limo, after the show, (i hate2tell u this because it is so very unattractive), i had2roll down the window and hurl. Right in front of Suicide! Jeez. What a lightweight.

So there's your tour story for the day. So what if it wasnt my tour? u got a problem with that? :-)

Note2BFFRich: dont u think it's time 4u2re-adopt this look? It's rockin'! Posted by Picasa