Sunday, April 09, 2006

why rob a bank when you've got a sucker4a mother?

Gee, hope i can get off youtube long e nuff2watch this dvd of Dog Day i received 4my birthday. Yours truly knows every line, every teenytiny bit of dialogue in Dog Day..."What's with the hands? They're my girls, I'm goin' back in there." And "Yeah, they shot me with like, unreal." And "Little Timmy, you're the man of the house now." And, "We're viet vets, and killing dont mean nothing 2 us." And, and, and!
People really dont like it when they r in the movie theater and someone like me is sitting behind them talking along with the movie. I guess SOME people have NO sense of humor. haha.

Also received a Willa Cather bio on dvd. What kind of person would like Dog Day AND Willa Cather? A nut, that's who. Also received a fantastic book from Bruce Anderson... Accidental Genius...How John Cassavetes Invented the American Independent Film, by Marshall Fine.
As u may know, the thing that made me cry was when john cassavetes died.

No denying that i dont have a tour coming up tho. Cant say that i mind; singing along with The Streets is suiting me just fine.

Well, better go, youtube is calling!!! How many times can one person watch the velvet underground on the lawrence welk show? Unlimited times, apparently! Posted by Picasa

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