Monday, April 24, 2006

who's gonna drive u home 2nite


Pretty nice eh? (except for the license plate holder, which said "Gun Control Means Using Both Hands").

I like to remember all the cool cars i've had...the coolest was a white Jaguar XKE convertible WITH AN 8TRACK PLAYER!!! yeah! And then there was the Metropolitan... chocolate and white--it looked like a cute lil dessert. Had to tie the two back doors together tho...they wouldnt stay shut otherwise. And my THAT was a cute car. Stick shift on the floor! Really fun2drive. The Jag was fun too, but also scarey...2much power. And cant4get about my aqua and white Corvair!! Does ANYONE reading this remember Corvairs???

The only way I'd like2tour now is in a little camper/RV kind of thing. Go up and down the coast, and play from the back of the camper. Doesnt that sound like fun? Little drum tracks, play kinda quietly/acoustic. BFFRich is bitchin' on his acoustic gtr, especially when he uses a slide. We'd be just like Audrey Hepburn and Albert Finney in TWO FOR THE ROAD. Only different. So there's your tour story for2day...imaginary tour. Bye yall.

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le monde moderne said...

my "coolest car" was a 1967 Corvair.

I really miss that car - it actually made driving fun.

Mr.Mr. said...

1967 austin healey sprite

sasha said...

unfortunately, my coolest car was named "patches". hey, i like the sound of all this acoustic music...