Friday, February 24, 2006

beautiful girl stay with me


Long-lostie's last day in san francisco...over the bridge on a bike again, in the afternoon, and b4 that, rode around crissy field/marina/fort point/aquatic park. In the morning, took a car-ride to the Conservatory of Flowers in GG Park. There is a special orchid exhibit there that is so well presented and thought out... misty and magical. Words cannot express, and a picture is worth a thousand dollars, and my damn camera's battery needed charging and i didnt know it. :-( so maybe if u r in the area, u can go there and see. so amazing and wonderful. Didnt make it to stow lake and the japanese tea gardens. Maybe next time :-)

Love ya, lostie! Have a great reunion with your cats. Thanks for coming to visit A&R. Posted by Picasa

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Mr.Mr. said...

it's a beautiful thing....