Sunday, February 05, 2006

dreamin' is free


...but maybe if there was a charge u could choose the programming? Jeez, had more wild ones again last night. AandR were on a cruise ship when dangerousbad weather developed... hurricanes, tornadoes, and the ship pulled up at the Cliff House and let us off the ship but there was fast-rising water at the Cliff House and we couldnt get out and the water was rising and rising and everyone was getting wet, everyone's hair and face and clothes were wet and even tho AandR's house is/was just a few blocks away, well, u know how it can be in dreams, for some reason we just couldnt leave, kinda like a luis bunuel movie, only in color. Then A woke up.

On the bus the other day, watched a crack whore. She(?) wasnt even aware i was staring at her even tho i was right across the aisle from her. Her movements were so un-human and bizarre...drinking a bright yellow soft-drink out of a huge plastic bottle...wearing a bikini top stuffed with something and she kept reaching in to adjust the stuffing and sucking down the yellow liquid like a person on the desert who hasnt had anything 2drink in days...on her head was a blond wig in braids, covered by a bandana and she kept reaching under the bandana 2adjust the wig...just in constant strange motion, all the while talking to what appeared 2b a "normal" guy she was with. We got off at the same stop, and the guy was complaining that he didnt get enuf sleep the nightb4 and crack whore said "Thing about havin' a drug probbem, u aint need but a coupla hours a sleep a night." I wanted 2follow them 2hear more, but it was an up-hill walk and crack whore and normal guy had 2stop every other step because they were so out of breath and it was taking2long. Hey! I got my OWN life, ya know? Cant b following u 2 around all day!

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Mr.Mr. said...

the 5th dimension

sasha said...

this is reminding me of a&r report back page. "then lou looked lovingly at a. then a woke up." right? last night i dreamed about r. crumb. he told me that he made it cool to be skinny.

mariposa said...

hey angel
just read the S2N review of LL.
They's lovin the Angel!