Thursday, February 02, 2006

yellow yellow kissed a fellow


Red red peed the bed. Blue blue spit in your shoe. Brown brown wear a frown.
Green green ruptured your spleen. Orange orange...uh,er,..Pink pink u stink. Tan tan u da man. Black black sat on a tack in a purple Cadillac all the way to Pontiac.

Ok ok. Hi. Got a nice review on one of the songs on LOUIE LOUIE (Caroline Says). Click here (and check entry for Feb 1)!

Going to SFMOMA tomorrow with my yoga teacher 2see the Chuck Close exhibit. She used to sell art so i thought it might be a fun thing 2do2gether. Dont like the Museum much, but, as the blogger known as NEXT BIG THING would say, "whadda ya gawna do."
The Palace of the Legion of Honor provides a way better experience for looking at art...cant wait to take our special guest to the Palace later this month. :-)

Ok, kids, "Over an' oot", as the above-mentioned wee blogger would say! Posted by Picasa

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