Saturday, February 18, 2006

yer doin a heckof a job brownie


This is Brownie. Nancy Kravtiz' grandmother made him for me. He's coming out of his shell, he's got a wonderful view.

Dont u miss seeing dean wareham on tour? I do. Maybe he should start his OWN non-tour diary. I remember hearing some of dean's lyrics,along time ago, and someone asked me if i wanted to be introduced to dean, and i said no because i thought, because of his lyrics, that he would be nasty-ass. 4instance: "dont know what you're sayin', but i hate it anyway". Hmmmm, maybe there's some dean wareham at google video...

I read about a Spiritualized fan who went looking for some Spiritualized at google video, and there wasnt anything, so he made one himself. Isnt that cool?

Well, if not touring is good enough for dean wareham and jason pierce, it's good enough for me. Posted by Picasa

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Mr.Mr. said...

nice bracelet, brownie