Sunday, February 26, 2006

is it time2eat yet?


Eat eat eat. Eat eat eat. Mmmm good. Do u ever eat your dessert b4 dinner? I'm recommending it, because that way, u can have TWO b4 and one after. And a little capuccino b4 dinner keeps u nice and alert while u r waiting2b served.

These pix were taken at il fornaio in san francisco, where, once upon a time, the actress debra winger tried 2pick up yours truly. I had 4gotten all about it until the other day when strolling with my lostie.
It was a beautiful day with the sun sparkling on the fountain at levi plaza, and the wild parrots of telegraph hill squawking above our heads as we walked up the greenwich steps to coit tower. At the top, we came upon a movie set. Johhny knoxville and (maybe?) mischa barton were doing a picnic scene (not sure if it was mischa because the actresses tresses were hanging down covering her face.)

ok, gotta go run 2 burn off the tiramisu and zabaglione. bye! and as human4animal would say: "stay beautiful". Posted by Picasa


Mr.Mr. said...

Way over the top, angel.
Up in the clouds.

sasha said...

DEBRA WINGER?! say what??

Rich said...

u HEARD what i said...debra winger. it was about 10 or so years ago. she was sitting at the bar. i declined. she is hot tho.

Mr.Mr. said...

is deb ambigendrous?