Monday, February 06, 2006

that's close enough


Step away from the german shepherd! Now that we r reading the temple grandin book, we know that alot of the "fun" things we did to smoochie were things that could have set him off in a bad way. Like making fast moves, or certain "play" activities. Now we know that maybe smoochie was doing all he could to restrain himself from showing us what he was capable of in the Hurt Dept.!

But the one thing that isnt true about smoochie...not only did he not mind if u were around him when he was eating, he actually liked it. he liked me 2sit down by him when he was eating, and if i got up b4 he was finished, he would come get me. how cute is that?

i could have an entire blog devoted 2smoochie, that's how interesting and smart he is. one of his nicknames is LL Smoochie for "Ladies Love". Ladies would always stop what they were doing2admire him and say things like "stately", or "what a handsome guy". it's true he is a totally masculine dog. once when i picked him up from his vet, they said "your boyfriend is waiting for u." ha ha.

he is demanding, and i guess that's not a good thing, but we liked that about him. we preferred to think of him as communicative rather than demanding. because his owner neglected him, we tried 2make up4it by letting smoochie know he could talk and we could understand.

another great thing about one would fuck with me when i had smoochie by my side. once i was walking him in a somewhat remote area where i would never go by myself, and a bunch of gang members kinda popped up out of nowhere. do u know how funny and satisfying it was when they cut me PLENTY of slack...they walked WAY around us, the whole time their eyes open WIDE looking down at smoochie, not EVEN looking at me or saying ANYTHING. these huge pumped-up guys. and smoochie put on his best manly-man face and attitude, and even slowed down, like "yeah, motherfuckers, i'm walkin' here, u got a problem with that?" not threatening, just casually VERY serious. wow was it great! when we got past them i hugged smoochie and he looked at me like "did i do it for ya or what?" smoochie is a great top, he loves loves loves doing what he thinks u want him to do. (well, sometimes!)

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sasha said...

love to smoochie! remember when you wrote his diary? it was some of my absolute FAVE writing. really. and this blog entry was equally captivating. i lafd and i frownd. i wouldn't b surprised if your man came back- ran down the hill and across the bridge.

austin j said...

roky erickson will be honored at the austin music awards on march 15th. jon dee graham,black joe lewis will do sets ...where's angel

Rich said...

hey austin...she's walkin' her 2headed dog.

austin j said...

i'm coming with the clan on feb 11th,for the dragon parade in china town. bring the two headed dog mus see..

Mr.Mr. said...

and I say to myself

"What a wonderful world..."