Sunday, February 12, 2006

everybody loves my baby but my baby dont love nobody but me


Yup, that's my A#1, my BFF4Ever, the one,the only...RWS. He has been busy finding and editing old ACC performance movies. Pretty soon, he will break for dinner (spaghetti!). HI RICH!!!!

Have u seen FORTY SHADES OF BLUE starring Rip Torn? What about EROS? If your favorite movie is BLOW-UP, do we have a surprise for you! Eros is 3short films, one by Antonioni. Wow is it gorgeous. Unbelievable camera work, so much emotion in the camera.

So, of course, no tour/shows...does watching old footage of shows count? ok, ok, so it doesnt count. So sue me!

Gotta go check on my spaghetti! Bye yall Posted by Picasa


Mr.Mr. said...

oh you guys. (:0)

Mr.Mr. said...

Rich you are 2cute4 words.
i just keep going back and looking at this picture.