Wednesday, February 01, 2006

u were stuck in a dream and u wanted2scream


A huge hi-dee-ho (with no emphasis on the "ho" part) :-) to the blogger known as HUMAN4ANIMAL. Believe u me, folks, this little lady is GOING places. Just remember u heard it here first. U HEARD what i said!! :-)

And speaking of hearing (odd phrase, no?) have u ever heard that when u minus your 4.20, u have more dreams? Or maybe u just remember them when u wake up? ANYhoodle :-) yours truly sure has been dreamin baby dreamin. Had a dream i was riding on the back of a motorcycle driven by BFFRich, and i saw a very arty red and black road-sign up ahead. I became apprehensive, and the closer we got2the sign, the more nervous i felt. U know that feeling in a dream when u need2talk but u cant even tho u r trying so hard? 4some reason, i felt compelled to SHOUT OUT what was printed on the sign but it was coming up fast and i panicked that i wouldnt be able to read it. Then, just as we were passing it, i saw that it said BLACKNESS,in big red and black letters, and i finally was able to scream(4real)... "BLACKNESS!"

Needless2say, all this screaming woke up BFFRich with a JOLT..."wha? wassamatter? huh? wtf? u ok?..."

I'm sorry BFFRich. Didnt mean2scare u like that. Pass the dutchie!!! Posted by Picasa


mxrich said...

B-L-A-C-K-N-U-S-S .. first vinyl you turned me on to at Discount Records
(Rahsaan Roland Kirk RIP)

mariposa said...

back in the groove

sasha said...

whoa, did you really scream blackness? that's so crazy. one time, i was so mad at kristen in a dream and then i gathered all my strength and i HIT her! and i actually hit her and she was so pissed b/c she had been sleeping. heehee. thaks for the special mention. i miss u. :(

Mr.Mr. said...

i always played racquetball in my sleep and i have a MEAN backhand.
oops, sorry love. we'll get you to the dentist STAT.