Saturday, February 11, 2006

sweet dreams r made of these who am i 2disagree


Nothin could be finer than2b with carolina in the mor-or-or-ning. The excitement around the stimboleum is escalating! Escalating excitement! We r expecting our special long-lostie 2 arrive in a few days, and tho we think it's wrong to pray for trivial things like good weather, we do hope that it doesnt rain every day of the visit. Bike rides, pizza at Pizzetta 211 on California/23rd Avenue, sunsets at the beach, these r a few of our favorite things we will be sharing with our long-lostie. Doesnt it sound like fun? Sure couldnt do all this if i was on tour. ha ha. The only tour i'll be on is a tour of GG Park, where all the flowering trees are in blossom. And of course we will have2show our visitor the Angler's Lodge, the most esoteric/existential spot in the Park. We love showing this spot to visitors, and clocking their reactions. When we showed Sonic Boom, he thought it would be a good place to be really really high. When we showed it to a surfer-friend from New Jersey, he laughed out-loud. Stay tuned to read about our long-lostie's reaction!

I gotta love the Bay Area...2day's post-yoga lunch: baby spinach with fresh figs, tiny cubes of feta cheese, and thinly-thinly sliced red onions. Hope u ate something scrumptious 2day. If not2day, maybe2morrow! Bye. Posted by Picasa


Mr.Mr. said...


Mr.Mr. said...

and i'll be sleepin with Thing1

Rich said...

dont u mean Cousin It? :-)

Mr.Mr. said...

uncle ernie?