Thursday, February 09, 2006

dont call us...we'll call you

Once again, i had2much2dream last night...2much2dream. The main dream, which was more like a nightmare: ACC got signed to a big major label! OH NO!! How did this happen?? I couldnt remember anything that led up2the signing, just all of a sudden, we were signed. SHIT! "They" brought in the big producer, the big A&R guy(nae offense HT) the big this, the big that, and all their ideas were so shit. It was unbelievable how shit they were, like a bad joke. "They" played us some backing trax "they" had made, and we were appalled! Everything sounded so bad and cheesy but not in a good way! Now, ACC has always loved bad and cheesy, especially when applied 2her own music, but this was somethin else.

We tried breaking the deal, we tried everything...being nice/reasonable(yeah, like THAT might work), we tried being hard-asses, nothing we did could get us off the label. We kept meeting with person-after-person but we couldnt get off. We wanted2sound like ourselves on this new signing, but we could tell there was no way that was gonna happen. We asked them why did we get signed if they didnt want us2sound the way we sound, but you know, there was no good answer, just a bunch of circular booshit. Jeez A was so happy2finally wake up(and cry!).

If u'd like to see 2 ACC videos... Jet Boy Jet Girl, or Been There Done That ...

Another dream starred Kim Fowley...he had invited ACC and BFFRich 2dinner. Then we noticed he wasnt at the table for awhile, so we went looking4him, and saw him...sitting outside at a table for 1! ha! So, just like in real-life, R wanted2walk over and be polite and say goodbye, etc., and A said "Absolutely not!" Then A woke up...and laughed! Bye kids! Posted by Picasa


mxrich said...

Hey I love that Google video thing but didn't you have a guitar player back then? ;->... also a little tech talk may help some of your readers. If you're having video problems (it stops and starts), download the Google Video Player and then download the video. Google Player works cool for PC-users (Sorry Mac-Heads)

mariposa said...

hey PC-breath
THIS Mac-head had NO problems watching and listening to the world's cutest little performer.
ACC transitions beautifully.
And btw, Who needs a guitar player????

WOW! What a cutie pie.

mxrich said...

hey macinposer .. sorry for the confusion. Google video works fine for appleheads ... it's just the downloadable player that wont work on your (elitist) OS. Don't get me wrong, some of my best friends have macs ...

Mr.Mr. said...


I have BOTH. I'm bi.

one love.
and i love y'all.

sasha said...

you are so beautiful. you looked great in those boy jeans on my mac. xo

mariposa said...

some of MY best friends are Big Macs

LaLa said...

thins is pickin up round here